Activities to do on a trip for adventurers.

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Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures, but it is especially satisfying when we add the adventure factor. There are many travel options for adventurers in uncomparable environments, while maintaining the connection with nature.

Adventure tourism is an option that is increasingly in demand by all types of travelers, and there are many options not only for fans of extreme experiences on a regular basis, but also for beginners.

Some of the extreme activities most demanded by hikers and adventure enthusiasts are diving, paragliding, or rafting, but the more conventional options, such as a good trekking route or hiking, do not have to be less exciting, if are done in the right environment.

Here are several interesting options to do in an idyllic place such as the tropical coast.

Journey for adventurers: Salobreña

Within the possibilities that the tropical coast of Granada offers us, in particular Salobreña we have a very special enclave for any type of multi-adventure activity.

During the holidays on the tropical coast you can make different plans that are not the usual ones. Salobreña has an infinity of strategic enclaves where to carry out all this type of activities.

The Genil River and the Guadalfeo River allow us to spend a day of adventure and fun, since it will open up the possibility of rafting with

viaje para los aventureros

friends and family where we can cool off from these hot days. In addition, the same day that an activity is carried out, canyoning can be done along the green river of Granada.

Shall we leave the river and go to marine waters? We can live the experience with our diving baptism along the coast of Salobreña-Granada. For this, a complete equipment is used that will allow you to experience the sensation of weightlessness under water and an authentic adventure of later knowing the seabed on the tropical coast of Granada.

Fresh water, salt water, all the while talking about water, but what about air? Salobreña gives you the chance to live an unforgettable experience doing bungee jumping from a wonderful enclave.

You dare? Now we make it easy for you, come and spend a few days with us in Salobreña and enjoy the magnificent experiences that we have told you about; but at the same time enjoy the tranquility that this fantastic destination gives you. Contact us to learn more


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