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Travel with pets. Where to stay

Sometimes traveling with our pets complicates the search for vacation home rentals. Some have no choice but to be dropped off at dog hotels, but everyone knows that traveling together is better and more fun. Surely there are more options of where to rent vacation homes on the coast of Granada with a pet, but Here we make it very easy for you

Many want vacation homes with a pool, or are looking for a rental house on the tropical coast, or even specify that they are looking for their vacation rental in Salobreña. For them, and for those who also want a few days of relaxation, sun and beach with their pets, we have the solutionWe offer rentals of houses with private pools, facilities with large spaces for everyone and proximity to many routes to do. 

Reasons to rent a rural house for a weekend at the beach if you travel with a pet

Accommodation on the beach of Granada is a good option to find vacation home rentals, specifically we offer ideal facilities if you travel with your pet.

First of all it will be good for you, you will not have to keep looking and asking, because there will be no impediment in relation to its size, all animals are welcome!

            Secondly, because they will have great spaces to run and play. Around there, there will be more animals to meet and there are safe areas so that they are not lost or exposed to external dangers.

            Thirdly, a vacation on the tropical coast will ensure that you enjoy a few days spending quality time. You can take great walks, excursions and cool off on the beaches.. Si quieres conocer más actividades para realizar, lee el post «Mejores destinos para hacer deporte«.

Advantages for your pet concerning finding accommodation on the coast of Granada

There are many advantages for your pet if you find a rental on the coast of Granada. Some holiday homes on the coast of Granada for pets are too small for them, other holiday homes with swimming pools do not allow them to bathe, or some do not even allow them to enter. 

For this reason, at, we offer vacation homes with private pools where they can bathe, play and run whenever they want. 

In addition, holidays in Salobreña ensure a good climate so that you can enjoy your stay, play sports, refresh yourself, rest and eat well. Betting on a few quality days together will benefit you all, making the relationship better and you are in an even better mood! 

Do you have any doubt? If so, write to us and we will be delighted to answer you. 


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