Complete your vacation on the tropical coast with the best free tours.

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Are you on vacation on the tropical coast and don't know what to see? We are going to make this easier for you and we are going to recommend the best free tours to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Discover the small nooks and crannies that the towns of Granada hide, the amazing stories that happened between the narrow walls of their castles, the way of life that our ancestors had and the wonderful views towards an infinite sea.

What free tours can we find on vacation on the tropical coast?

Leave your accommodation on the coast of Granada and enjoy the ancient places where different civilizations have settled.

We find a great variety of free tours along the tropical coast. Visit the deepest grenade, the night grenade, which will make you observe aspects irrelevant to the perception of the human eye, which will make you feel at home and capture the good energies that run through its streets.

When we rent a house on the tropical coast, we do it for its monuments and gastronomy, which is why we wanted to combine the two in a special free tour in which a tour is made that will help you get to know and place yourself in this fascinating city , in a fun and entertaining way. The silk market, Corral del Carbón, the Madraza and a myriad of places steeped in history that must be observed with the story of an experienced official guide.

Now it is possible to enter one of the most beautiful towns on the tropical coast of Granada thanks to free tours. Houses with white facades, an imposing castle, charming narrow streets and much more awaits in the visit to Salobreña. What are you waiting for to spend your holidays in Salobreña?

Many doubts are currently being made about free tours, so we are going to answer a few of these.

How much does a free tour really cost?

We never came to believe this reality. Does a person take a free tour? Well yes, these visits are currently made with the purpose of giving added value to the consumer so that in addition to renting their home for vacations, they go out to visit the small towns that make up the tropical coast. Whoever considers and sees that the visit has reached the expectations they had, gives the guide a tip.

Are freetours currently safe?

In the circumstances in which we find ourselves, everyone has had to adapt and modernize to meet the necessary measures. The

vacaciones en la costa tropical

They could not stay behind, therefore, measures against COVID-19 have been imposed that will make the tourist guide as safe as possible.

1 / The guides wear a mask and a voice amplifier.
2 / Have you forgotten your mask? Do not worry! The guide will give you one.
3 / Small groups with a maximum of participants according to the territorial regulations.
4 / Distance of 1.5 meters guaranteed between attendees.
5 / Tours will always take place outdoors.
6 / We do not deliver printed materials during visits.
7 / They offer different contactless payment methods at the end of the tour.

Are you still doubtful? Think no more and come discover the most remote and spectacular places you have ever seen. For this we give you the option to come and spend a few days with us in Salobreña. A charming rural house will welcome you with its doors open so that your stay in these municipalities is as satisfactory as possible. Do not forget to contact us to know more about this wonderful place. contact us to know more about this wonderful place.


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