Beach or mountain destination for fall?

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We all have certain preferences when it comes to choosing a beach or mountain destination for this fall. But during this season, what do we want the most? Choosing a beach destination is not as bad an idea as it may seem at first. But if you want to enjoy these wonderful places, it is clear that we will choose the mountain.

Beach destination in fall.

One of the main reasons why choosing the beach is that it is not high season and this means that the stay and the trip in the different places are cheaper. Another reason derived from the fact that it is not high season is that there will be no large crowds, you will enjoy places just for you, the attention will turn to you to make your stay

Destino de playa

much more enjoyable. Places like our fantastic islands will be a good place to do this type of tourism on the dates set. You will enjoy animation and a beauty of the land that during the summer with the people that are there you cannot appreciate. Another place where you can enjoy a lot is on the tropical coast, since it is usually sunny and the temperature is around 20-24º.

Mountain destination in autumn.

During autumn we can see how the trees have a special color, how the environment envelops you with a breeze, how you breathe the pure air that characterizes this season.

Feeling at home, when you are many miles away, renting a house for the weekend and enjoying its wonderful views. Traveling places unknown to many people but that are familiar to you. Enjoy a few days with your loved ones or do it alone. Being able to travel countless paths that will always take you to a higher point where you can say that you have achieved your goals. These things are what the mountain gives you and even more with the environment it encompasses.

You are in time to feel that tranquility, that harmony and free yourself from the routine. Contact us to discover a piece of the tropical coast in which to feel at home.


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