Alternative accommodation for the summer on the Costa Tropical

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Alternative accommodation for the summer on the Costa Tropical

Spending a few days in a tent or bungalow is one of the most attractive options to enjoy the Costa Tropical.

Compared to the comforts of the hotel, the campsite and the bungalow appear more and more as an option to be taken into account to enjoy a few days at the beach. In Granada, the offer is wide throughout its Costa Tropical..

Although they are cheaper, the choice is key to spending a good vacation, whether as a family or as a couple, since each campsite has its idiosyncrasies and manages one or other services in particular.

On the other hand, in Guadix there are cave houses with a troglodyte air.

The uniqueness of these underground dwellings, with whitewashed walls and constant temperature, has made the enclave one of the most sought-after bioclimatic accommodations at the moment.

In the surroundings of the Granada city of Guadix there are more than 2,000 houses excavated in the red clay hills, forming a neighborhood whose origins date back to the time of the reconquest. The uniqueness of these inhabited underground constructions, with whitewashed walls, chimneys and constant temperature inside, has made the enclave recognized as the European Capital of Caves.

The neighborhood of troglodytic houses, where more than 4,500 Accitans live, is adapted to the natural environment, since, for its construction, the small hills that dot the area were used. Each one of them was practically emptied and occupied by inhabitants who not only benefited from the economy of the construction, but also from its excellent conditions to withstand the rigorous and changing climate of Guadix.

That underground architecture is still alive today, preserving its most characteristic features, among others, a constant temperature throughout the year around 20 degrees inside, with cool summers and mild winters. This is because the outside climate takes three months to become noticeable between the walls of the caves. This effect makes them one of the most demanded bioclimatic accommodations of the moment. The origin of the cave houses is located, according to the traditional hypothesis, at the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century in the socio-political framework of the moment.

Apparently, the outlaws and Moors who were forced to leave the medina after the capture of Guadix by the Catholic Monarchs, "illegally" occupied these cavities where, later, they perfected the pick and shovel technique to dig them following the advice of masters. builders.

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