Discover the least crowded beach in Granada

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Discover the least crowded beach in Granada

This beach is one of the least crowded due to its difficult access. You will be in the Alpujarras half an hour from Salobreña

To go to the beach does not always mean fighting with other people in search of finding a hole in which to plant the umbrella. On many occasions, they look for places near the sea where they can rest thanks to the fact that not many people choose to go to that place.

Among the six least crowded beaches is El Ruso beach. It is a place that is located within the town of Albuñol. Although the municipality itself is inland from the coast.

But about seven kilometers you can access the beach in question. It is a place where you can find a lot of peace while you can practice nudism. It has beautiful turquoise and crystalline waters.

To access this unique beach you will have to cross a path of reed beds.This is why it is a beach away from the madding crowd. The fine, dark sand is surrounded by rocks and vegetation. Although its real name is Lance Nuevo, the name by which this beach is known is due to a former Russian lieutenant who, after fleeing the Soviet Union, decided to settle on this beach and build access to it. He integrated into the town so much that he became just another Albuñolense and his countrymen continue to leave flowers on his grave. Access to this beach is quite complicated, the best thing to do is to get there by sea from nearby La Rábita, or by bus and walk for about two kilometers along a path between reed beds.

Although it is not a very large beach, it is perfect to spend a beautiful day among the waves of the sea. Being practically a virgin beach,it does not have many facilities, but you can still enjoy this beautiful place.

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