Get to know the exquisite typical foods of the Tropical Coast, it has unique and high quality foods

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Get to know the exquisite typical foods of the Tropical Coast, it has unique and high quality foods

Each area of ​​Granada has products and dishes that are unique and that represent local gastronomy. But one of the places where food production is undoubtedly one of the most special is the Costa Tropical.

The proximity of the sea and the mild temperatures mean that large quantities of fish and vegetables are caught and collected each year respectively. Thus you can find fruits such as mangoes, cherimoyas, avocados, papayas, lychees or guavas. Also within this genre are sugar canes, a product that has been an economic engine for decades. This has led to products such as cane rum, a spirit drink that is unique in production on the peninsula.

One of the vegetables that attracts the most attention is undoubtedly kumquat. This fruit is a citrus derivative that comes from China (this fruit is also known as the Chinese orange) that arrived on the peninsula just over 200 years ago. Its peculiarity is that you can eat the skin itself, which is smooth and soft, unlike other citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines or lemons, so it is not necessary to peel it to extract its interior.

Among the fish there are some characteristics due to the species that can be found in the Mediterranean Sea. One of the varieties of seafood characteristic of the Granada area of ​​the eastern coast is the Motril shrimp, a crustacean characteristic of these waters.

Very similar to a classic prawn but to differentiate them you have to look at their color, which is somewhat more reddish than the prawn itself after cooking, while under water they are transparent. As for the flavor, the shrimp is sweeter and its meat is somewhat harder. When it comes to consumption, the most common thing is that it is served either raw or cooked very briefly, making it retain all the original flavor. Thus, this food is very versatile when it comes to preparing any dish. It can be included in rice dishes, casseroles or fideuás. You can also grill it and add a little virgin olive oil.

Likewise, all of these products can be found in restaurants throughout the province. But it is advisable to taste them in one of the numerous beach bars that are installed on the beaches of Granada, completing the offer with fried foods, rice or skewers, dishes that are increasingly requested by diners.

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