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Like every June 23, the night of San Juan is eagerly awaited. The Costa Tropical is flooded with enthusiasm, desires and fun from families and friends who decide to spend tonight with the most characteristic traditions, which we will tell you below. And, the Costa Tropical is a place full of life and fun, in which those who decide to spend their holidays in Costa Tropical want to repeat. They want to continue visiting the vacation homes with private pools or any other accommodation in Costa Granada, just to enjoy the atmosphere, the beaches, the activities ...  

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Night of San Juan - Holidays in Costa Tropical

The night of San Juan is a magical night in which, in addition to celebrating the saint's festival, the summer solstice is also celebrated. For centuries, tonight has been known as the longest night of the year and is full of magical moments. That is why, if you are enjoying your holidays in Costa Tropical, you cannot get lost and stay on your holidays, you must visit the beaches of Granada and enjoy this magical night.

In the coastal towns, this festival is celebrated in a more prominent way, so we tell you the traditions of this:

The bonfires on the night of San Juan.

When we think of the night of San Juan, a bonfire on the beach comes to mind. And, this is one of the best known customs. But do you know why? The bonfire, specifically its fire, symbolizes courage. On a night as magical as this, only the bravest jump these bonfires to make their wishes come true. Specifically, you must jump 7 times, would you dare?

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Burn all old objects.

It is time to get rid of what we do not want! It will be an advantage for those who bring extra luggage and want to buy and take a souvenir of their vacations in Salobreña. All this will allow you to receive new energy, which will surely make you enjoy a vacation rental in Salobreña again next year.  

To bathe at midnight in the sea

You are not liking your accommodation in costa de granada? Have a bad memory of vacation home rentals? Relax, today is the day you purify yourself with the bath at midnight, to achieve health throughout the year. But wait! Before jumping 9 waves, with your back to the sea, and you will be able to eliminate negative energies, and improve fertility in order to return next year to the vacation homes with private pools with a new member.

Finally, in Andalusia, we have a special tradition, and that is that those who do not want to take a bath can wash their face with sea water, in order to obtain health throughout the year. And the fact is that the sea ​​water of the Granada Coast has many benefits ..

If you are on vacation in the tropical coast or on vacation in Salobreña, Motril, Granda Ciudad ... you decide where to spend the bonfires of San Juan. Don't miss out on this opportunity and enjoy your vacation on the Costa Tropical with a magical night in the vacation homes with private pools and the rituals on the unspoiled beaches of Granada.

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