Fantastic news for divers on the Costa Tropical: Almuñécar presents its millionaire underwater park

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Fantastic news for divers on the Costa Tropical: Almuñécar presents its millionaire underwater park

The underwater park, which involves the recovery of the seabed, is the star project of the actions that the municipality is going to carry out.

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The sexitan park will have 10,000 square meters of extension. It will be located on the Peñón del Lobo, near El Muerto Beach. It will be approximately 200 meters from the coast and will be located at a depth of between 15 and 25 meters. Specifically, the placement of some 309 structures on the seabed is projected. The idea is to place a base of stones and columns to simulate a sunken city, where there will also be replicas of archaeological remains.

The underwater park will feature sunken ships. A concrete galley will be recreated to commemorate the naval shipwreck of La Herradura, which occurred in 1562 and appears in Don Quixote. The environmental organization Equilibrio Marino participated in the development of this project. Far from what it may seem, the installation of this kind of underwater museum will help to recover the maritime flora. It will be the first peninsular park, there is currently only one in Lanzarote, and it is intended to be similar to the underwater museum in Cancun.

The municipality of Sexita has also proposed some twenty more projects to become more sustainable, such as the embellishment with LEDs of the accesses to the town; the renovation of the beach furniture; the personalization of the historic center of La Herradura.

For those who do not wish to dive, we remember you the benefits of being by the sea:

Stress relief: Both the sun and the waves completely relax the body, free it from pain and calm daily stress. The sound and images are relaxing and bring peace, thus releasing serotonin. 

Contribution of vitamin D, one of the most important vitamins but very little of it is absorbed through food. Spending just ten minutes outdoors can allow a person to get their daily dose of vitamin D. So for this, the beach is excellent and the batteries are recharged

Improved quality of sleep after a few hours on the beach, and if you hear the waves from your bed, they rock you at night

Various exercises for the body on the beach, not only walking but playing paddle tennis, building castles, or water activities such as surfing, swimming, sailing, pedal boats...

Improvement of social relationships by being favored by the good atmosphere, the release of workload and schedules... on vacation the fun is increased and more time is shared with others. Therefore, you will be in a better mood and your mental health will improve! Do not hesitate to rent your house for a weekend or rent a holiday home on the beach of Granada. 

Beauty treatment for the skin because the sun causes a better appearance of the skin, tanning gives a healthy look after the long and pale winter. It will always be good when the amounts of sun are moderate and can help combat various dermatological problems, such as psoriasis, while seawater can help some conditions such as dermatitis. 

Happy Holidays!


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