Romantic destinations to travel as a couple. Choosing the tropical coast as a romantic destination for a couple's vacation

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We are in a romantic destination, multipurpose destination, adventure destination, beach destination, etc. This place is magical for the infinity of things that can be done during your stay there, renting a house for the weekend will fall short.

The infinity of small municipalities that are hidden among the 786.9 km² that the Costa Tropical has, transmit tranquility and harmony. This means that during the stay in any of them a deep and special connection is created with your partner that will strengthen relationships in a sensational way. A vacation on the tropical coast is something magical that should always be done.

Romantic destination: Mountain.

One of the most beautiful places and where you will feel a special connection with your partner is in the mountains. The effort, the sacrifice, the companionship will make a relationship stronger. Is there anything more beautiful than straining and raising your face and seeing that you have a travel companion next to you, a

Destino romántico

life partner?

Sierra Nevada is the ideal place to go to do these activities. It offers the alternatives of being able to do the tour in both 4 × 4, on horseback or on foot, and during this tour you will find places as beautiful as the sour fountain.

Destination: Beach

Destinations that surprise with charm, that is the tropical coast. Places that fall in love like the Peñón del Santo, places that you don't want to be separated from for an instant, that you would spend day after day visiting with your partner and you would know that this is your comfort zone. Places where you can spend hours and hours and you think that only a few minutes have passed, that is the case of Cantarrijan beach, an area in which to relax and enjoy the sea breezes. As soon as you arrive at the vacation home you can feel the tranquility of this place.

In addition to this, you can do many more activities in which you will enjoy and learn together. Going up to the castle of Salobreña and observing the different cultures that have passed through these narrow streets and placing yourself in the 10th century is something magical that should be enjoyed.

These things cannot be just told, they have to be lived. What are you waiting for to live an unbeatable experience? Contact us and live the fantastic experience with your partner.

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