The ascent route that conquers the Vulture peak of Granada

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Granada is also home to outdoor activities such as hiking

Wikiloc | Foto de 170413 Pico del Buitre. PN Sierra de Castril (Granada)  (2/5)
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The south is wonderful, perhaps one of the most beautiful representations of what our homeland in general is and means. A territory that houses culture, art, history, tradition and avant-garde in a single autonomous community. During your visit, you will be able to see centuries and centuries of conquests and reconquests, an arduous process that is reflected in every street, in every sculpture and in every piece of architecture that it houses. You can also enjoy its wonderful gastronomy, and all the art that it gives off in abundance, visiting typical places such as flamenco tablaos or tapas bars where you can have a good time with friends and family. Andalusia is undoubtedly a land rich in enjoyment and pleasure, a land that as soon as you visit it will catch you.

We recently talked about Granada, about those incredible monuments and places like the Cathedral, the Mirador de San Nicolás or the Alhambra. Wonderful plans in which to enjoy your food, its streets, etc. But perhaps there are also excellent alternative plans to do and share that are not as well known as those listed above. Specifically in the Altiplano area of ​​Granada, riding between the regions of Baza and Huéscar, there is a wide range of activities in which to enjoy during the summer season.

Beautiful valleys and mountains surround the city of Granada, so one of the most outstanding activities is undoubtedly hiking. The municipality of Castril, among others, has famous routes along the river, but we can even go one step further, and offer, for the more adventurous, one of the most spectacular routes; the ascent to Cerro del Buitre.

Cerro del Buitre: ascensión hasta el Pico del Buitre – GranáViva
Foto de Granaviva.

This route with a length of just over 10 kilometers, is a journey that has spectacular views which are quite remarkable. Panoramas of the Sierra de Castril natural park, which is full of meadows and large pine forests in which the Griffon Vulture, which gives its name to the route and the hill, finds its habitat. During this day you will also be able to visit one of the most emblematic peaks in the province of Granada, the Vulture peak, at more than 2,000 meters high.

It should be noted that it is a perfect route for the most daring, or at least those who have some experience in hiking since its difficulty is medium-high. The route has a drop of 600 meters, approximately, something that increases its hardness, and requires approximately 5 hours to be able to travel its 10 km,so it is recommended to be accompanied by fresh water, some food, even protective elements for the hottest days of the year such as hats, sunscreen or sunglasses.

If you have been curious or are wanting to do this route, it is very easy to access it. The most comfortable way to do it is to go to the start of your route by car, which would mean about two hours by road from Granada capital to kilometer 4 of the A-326 (Pozo Alcón-Huéscar). Bearing in mind that the route takes 5 hours or so depending on the rhythm, it is advisable to arrive at an ideal time to complete it with natural light. Once the starting point is reached, the route is rolled. At this point there are information panels that will tell us the route to follow. Along some sections we could enjoy the shelter of the pines, so on the hottest days we will find comfort in the shadows they cast. Passing through the Laude ravine and the Poyo Ramos pass, we will continue through the Los Prados refuge and the Buitre meadows. Once resting among green plains, there are two options: continue and finally reach the top of the peak at about 2020 meters high or rest and share a wonderful lunch while we regain strength to go down.

Without a doubt, a very different plan to the ones we usually know to carry out in the famous city that houses the Alhambra. Another alternative for lovers of nature, the outdoors and hiking that may also be ideal to do this summer. Dare to know Granada from another perspective and enjoy all the nature, fauna and flora that it has.


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