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One of the main advantages of going on vacation is traveling and enjoying the journey from the moment we decide the destination. Set a course and investigate, decide where to travel this summer, plan and savor it before we arrive, everything we will do. For some, it is a very therapeutic form of evasion that can remove stress from the routine in which we are involved. Going from the bustle to the calm just by looking at a photo and imagining that wonderful every on vacation with a pool.

Imagine now that it is real, that that beach exists and is closer than you think. Imagine that this rental on the Costa Tropical is within your reach, right here, you can find your accommodation on the coast of Granada with a single click and start dreaming. 

 According to studies, the virgin beaches of Andalusia are in Granada, and you just have to take the car and check it out, it's that easy. 


From Houses4u we encourage you to rent a vacation home and enjoy the show. Excursions in the nature, escapes to the mountains, cultural visits ... all this on our coast. But if we highlight something in particular, it is its beaches., both the closed ones and the open ones. 

There are many types, larger or smaller, some tiny, open to the Mediterranean or the Atlantic. Their variety makes each one unique. Holidays in Salobreña have a lot to impress you. We invite you to find your rental house in salobreña to discover them for yourself.

We know that long ago there were many more, and that now the number of virgin beaches has been reduced. This is due to the high frequency of visits. For this reason, its access is very restricted and it is not easy. It is intended to protect your fund so that it will last for many more years. 

Their sand creates gulfs, caves, accumulations of sand and ravines, dunes and many other artistic forms. Thus, we affirm that the best virgin beaches are in Granada.

List them according to their beauty and amazement that they cause is not easy, but we can make a list of those that can be visited. 

In Onubense 

  • The Enebrales
  • The Boot, at Punta Umbría 
  • The Arrow of the Rompido
  • The Asperillo cliffs
  • The Beach of Castille 

In Sierra de Cádiz

  • The Trafalgar Lighthouse, next to the Caños de Meca. 
  • The Spindle
  • The Beach of the Castle, in San Fernando

In Málaga

  • The Maro Beaches, Nerja
  • Artola, also known as Cabopino, in Marbella
  • The thin and dark Calaceite, in Torrox.

En Granada

  • The Jewel beach
  • The Salmonete beach, near Torrenueva.
  • The Sacratif Lighthouse

In Almería

  • The Cabo de Gato.
  • Punta Gallarda, in El Ejido. 
  • Mónsul beach, Genoveses.
  • Rodalquilar.
  • The beach of the Dead
  • The cove of San Pedro.
  • The Black ones 


If you rent a beach house with a private pool in Salobreña you can enjoy the proximity and comfort of reaching all these virgin beaches in a short time. You can enjoy its special sand, its good weather and unbeatable views. 

Now you have the opportunity to visit us and be able to enjoy all these beaches that the tropical coast offers you. Contact us and enjoy a few days of tranquility in your accommodation on the Granada Coast.

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