What to do with children at the Tropical Coast

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Are you planning a trip with the whole family but don't know what activities you can do that everyone will enjoy (including the little ones in the house)? Take a look at this article and select the best options so that when you come to see us you will have everything ready. Remember that you can also ask us and we will solve all your doubts if you are looking for other types of activities. We will gladly recommend other options.

Visit the Castles of the area

There are many castles on the Costa Tropical. They are in perfect condition and are ideal to spend the day with the children. The perfect place for them to play, investigate and have fun while you enjoy a pleasant walk between their walls. 

Originally, castles were the first line of defense for the population and cities against attacks, so these were difficult times in which life was completely different from what we know today. 

In Salobreña, LA Herradura (The horseshoe) and Almuñécar In Salobreña , La Herradura and Almuñécar you will find several castles that are open to the public and can be visited. If you continue down the Costa Tropical you will find other castles, fortresses and watchtowers created in order to protect the coastal cities.

Ascent to the top of Cerro Gordo

Another activity that you cannot miss if you visit the Costa Tropical is the hike to the Cerro Gordo Summit, ideal for children, who we all know love to climb, climb trees and rocks, and climb wherever they can. 

Cerro Gordo is located in the western arm of La Herradura Bay, in the Maro / Cerro Gordo National Park. For those who do not want a long excursion, or do not want to go up from the base to the top on foot, we inform you that you can go up to the top by car. In this way you can leave the car there and continue the walk to the point. This route is behind the Cerro Gordo Summit Watch Tower. 

It has spectacular views perfect for taking photos, and also, if the whole family is attentive, it is possible that you will see the wild ibex that inhabit the area.

Almuñecar Aquarium

A visit to the Almuñécar aquarium cannot be missed if you are traveling with children. The aquarium is located near the local market, and is located underground. It has a wide variety of interesting fish and other marine species.

One of the most famous attractions in this aquarium is the underwater tunnel, where children and the not so young can see and enjoy the rays and sharks that swim above their heads.

Acuario Almuñecar

Visit to the Loro Sexi Ornithological Park

In the town of Almuñécar, on the mountain below the castle, we find a bird park that the little ones will love. The Loro Sexi park specializes in parrots (hence its name), but it has many other very interesting species of birds from and native to other parts of the world. You can also find small mammals such as prairie dogs and lemurs. 

In short, if you come to visit the Costa Tropical with the whole family, do not miss these activities and excursions, you will all have a great time! Book a rural house in Salobreña and enjoy with the whole family.

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