What to see and do in Motril

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Motril, also known as the capital of the Costa Tropical, offers many activities for everyone and perfect for the whole family that you should try if you come to the area. If you don't know what to see and do in Motril, here are some recommendations.

Come to Motril to meet the Virgen de la Cabeza (Virgin of the Head)

virgen de la cabeza

One of the essential visits that you must do when you come to visit the area is to climb the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza, located at the top of Motril, in what is known as the Park of the Peoples of America. 

According to legend, in 1510, the ship that was transporting the Virgin was surprised by a great storm. The sailors, in order to reach land safely, promised to build a hermitage where they could safely dock. They managed to get to the Costa Tropical and built it there, as promised. In this hermitage, the Virgen de la Cabeza, the patron saint of the city, is venerated since then.

It is a very beautiful area, perfect for taking a pleasant walk surrounded by holm oaks and palm trees and enjoying a good time with family, friends or simply disconnecting without company.

Enjoy the gastronomy of Motril

For fans of rice pudding, in Motril you can try the curly milk that you will love, very similar to rice pudding and very fresh. The main difference is that it is not made with rice! Other palates also compare it to meringue milk, but ... it does not contain an egg!

Curly milk is made with sugar, cinnamon, lemon, and milk. The usual thing is to start tasting it with a spoon and finish with a straw. 

The most recommended and recognized place to go to try this delicacy is the Perandrés ice cream parlor. The ice cream parlor has been in operation since the early 1900s and its origin is very curious.

The great-grandfather of the current owners (the former owner), was a snowfield, and he was dedicated to lowering ice from the Sierra Nevada to sell it in Granada. As time went by, his wife decided to crush the ice and mix it with the ingredients that we have already mentioned. From this point, the fame of Motril's curly milk began to grow.

Sugar press. Pre-Industrial Sugar Museum

Since 2004 you can visit the Pre-Industrial Sugar Museum. There we can learn about the process of extracting sugar from cane before the steam engine was invented. In this process, every last drop of the sugar juice was liquefied and extracted with a 20-meter Larco wooden press. To remove the water and remove all the sugar, the mixture was boiled in giant saucepans day and night, which is why all the large trees were burned for several kilometers around. The museum is located in the houses of La Palma, where it was in operation while it was in operation, during the 16th and 18th centuries.

Now that you know what to see and do in Motril, are you going to miss it? From Houses4u, we recommend a visit to these emblematic places in the area so that you make the most of your getaway and want to come back. Did you know about these activities?Book one of our rural houses and enjoy the Costa Tropical in its splendor!


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