Places to discover near the Costa Tropical

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The Costa Tropical of Granada and its interior hide places full of history, culture and beautiful landscapes. Next we are going to discover some of the corners to discover near the Costa Tropical that you cannot miss.


rincones para descubrir cerca de la costa tropical

The Padul lagoon is a wetland with great ecological value where you can see more than 150 different species of birds. In addition, among its reed beds, it has viewpoints and trails through which you can enjoy all the fauna and flora of the place.


The Ermita del Zapato is located in the municipality of El Pinar- Pinos del Valle and its construction dates from the mid-19th century.

The hermitage is located on the outskirts of the town of Pinos del Valle, on the top of the Chinchirina ravine. It is accessed by a pleasant walk between pine and lemon groves. 

Inside the hermitage we can find the painting of Santo Cristo del Zapato. Legend has it that it was found by a shepherd at the top of the ravine and when he was brought to the church in the upper neighborhood, it appeared again on the hill; so up to three consecutive times. The people of the place interpreted that the saint's desire was to have a sanctuary built for him in that place, and this was done.


The castle of Murchas, called the castle of Lojuela, is the only castle from the “Caliphate era” located in the Lecrín Valley.

The castle was the fortress of the old disappeared town. The wall and the homage tower are preserved, built in pressed earth and fat lime together with remains of Roman pottery. The castle dates from the 19th century and is built on a hill with a stepped shape, offering impressive views of the surrounding towns.

It is accessed through a rural route of 5.7 km in length and 100 meters of unevenness.


rincones para descubrir cerca de la costa tropical

The castle of Mondújar or Zoraya is a late Muslim fortress, located on a high hill, about 600 meters east of the town of Mondújar and about 879 meters of altitude.

The castle dates from the mid-fourteenth century, owned by Muley Hacen who built it as a wedding gift for Isabel de Solís (Queen Zoraya) and to which she retired after being stripped of the kingdom by her son Boabdil.

At present, the castle preserves the remains of a large cistern built with lime concrete walls, as well as some ditches and the lines of what were once the castle's landscaped areas.


rincones para descubrir cerca de la costa tropical

This spectacular rock formation that simulates the frame of a window with privileged views of the Lecrín valley gives its name to one of the most popular routes in the area.

The route of moderate difficulty and whose duration is approximately 2h and 20 minutes, starts from the Hermitage of the Virgen de las Nieves and runs through a lush pine forest and ravines that allow us to enjoy the views of the Padul valley and its Lagoon . 

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