Three towns in Andalusia where you can fall in love with Spain again

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With an incomparable charm and art in abundance, visit the Andalusian community this summer 

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Times past have been tough. Troubled times in which our freedom has been deprived and our plans interrupted by a global pandemic. The restrictions have marked our lives and trips and have forced us to stop, reduce our departures and prevent these trips from taking place, but they have also increased our desire to return with more force.

Perhaps the fact of having to deprive ourselves of long flights, as well as visiting other countries, has not made us value our roots, our homeland.  And it is that last year national tourism increased by a large number, making the vast majority of Spaniards fall in love with their land again, thus rediscovering emblematic and unknown places that have already become home. 

And yes, it is true, that this summer will also be different from the previous ones, but luckily, Spain is still the same. Paradisiac coasts, history, culture and art in abundance and cities with emblematic places are some of the things that await you in it. In this article we show you some of the most acclaimed towns in Andalusia that may be a perfect destination for you this summer. We also advise you some essential plans to make it unforgettable. You are ready? You will not regret! 

It makes little sense to talk about Spain without talking about Andalusia, a land rich in art, culture and tradition, but also at the forefront and enjoyment. Andalusia is, without a doubt, a land with a Spanish pedigree, a place to be proud of. If we also talk about small towns, which maintain that authentic essence, the combination is ideal, unmatched. Enjoy emblematic streets, the best tapas and the purest art.

The Alhambra of Granada, Giralda of Seville, and Alcázar of Córdoba. Andalusia symbolizes the mixture between what we are and what we were, between the history of where we come from and where we are going. Islamic and Christian culture, Moorish architecture and our traditions sculpted among green and brand-new landscapes. The Andalusian community has idyllic settings that must be essential to visit and learn. In addition, some of these towns are bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean so they have both natural and artificial beaches, so your visit during the summer is mandatory.

Níjar – Almería

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Located in the province of Almería, Níjar is one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia, a remarkable place that has unique landscapes. In it is the Cabo de Gata natural park, a very prominent place. 

Beaches such as Agua Amarga, Playa de los Genoveses or Ancón Cabo de Gata are some of the must have of this place. Crystal clear waters where you can practice diving or paddle surfing and fine sand are some of its characteristics. Another essential place to visit if you travel to Nijar is the Watchtower, a symbol of the town and the only visible remains of an ancient Arab fortress built with a circular plan. The historic center is also a mandatory stop. As small as it is equally impressive, it is the perfect place to lose yourself in its streets and enjoy every corner.

Dare to rent a house for a weekend and discover everything it has to offer while you do it from comfort.

 Mogón – Jaén

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Jaén has some of the most emblematic places in Andalusia. Bathed by the Guadalquivir river and the Aguascebas river, the municipality of Mogón is located in the interior of the Andalusian community .There we can find an artificial beach that has an incredible natural setting. It is a well-known beach within the Sierra that allows you to alternate different types of tourism, both in the Sierra and on the coast or coast. If you do not decide between beach or mountain this is your place, where, in addition, They offer many activities to enjoy with the family. One of the highlights of the area is the possibility of jumping into the water and enjoying its waterfalls. In addition, there are numerous houses with private pools that you can rent in the area, as well as vacation homes. 

Tarifa – Cádiz

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Rare is that Andalusia is spoken of without speaking of Cádiz. In the same way, it is rare that Cádiz is talked about without talking about its emblematic Tarifa. It is one of the most touristic destinations in the Andalusian community, a perfect destination for lovers of surfing and partying, a place that houses any type of public that is stunned by the beauty of its beaches. Of course, in the summer season it is not too quiet, but it does offer any type of activity both outdoors and indoors. 

One of the most appealing plans in Tarifa as far as culturally concerned is to visit one of the best-preserved castles in Andalusia, the Castillo de Guzmán. Built in the year 960 by Caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III, it was the place where the ruler for whom he bears his name also resided, the Christian Guzmán El Bueno, a man who defended the city from the Muslim invasion thus sacrificing the life of his own son. Dare to walk through its incredible walls while enjoying incredible views, being able to see Africa since it is located only 15 km from Tarifa.  

Without a doubt, three perfect destinations for your trips to be unforgettable memories. 


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