A dizzying journey accross the largest suspension bridge on the Spanish coast

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A dizzying journey across
the largest suspension bridge on the Spanish coast

The route of the viewpoints and cliffs of Torrenueva Costa, in the province of Granada, has the touch of adrenaline of traveling through a suspension bridge with glass sections

If someone is looking for strong emotions, they should think about heading to the province of Granada and doing the hiking route along the Torrenueva Costa coast.

It is a simple route, about 10 kilometers long, which begins and ends at the Atalaya tower, a fortification from the 17th and 18th centuries that protected the nucleus that was born as an Arab farmhouse called Battarna.

Arabic Heritage

There was a pottery there with an anchorage, and the nearby Trafalcaçis salt flats provided this raw material to the old Sexi, today Almuñecar, one of the towns on the Tropical Coast of Granada.

The journey is simple but extreme caution must be taken on the cliffs, where it is recommended to make stops at three viewpoints, which allow you to catch panoramic views of Torrenueva Costa and its port, Motril and its fertile plain and the town of Salobreña.

The hanging walkway

But shortly after leaving the center of Torrenueva Costa behind, the greatest thrill of the route is reached, the Jolúcar suspension bridge.

The new suspension walkway is 60 meters long and rises 32 meters above the Alboran Sea

This is a pedestrian walkway inaugurated in May, which joins the PR-A420 trail to the Peñón de Jolucar viewpoint, which then leads to the El Hondurón viewpoint and La Joya beach.

The bridge is 60 meters long and rises 32 meters above the Alborán Sea, which is surprising for the clarity of its waters.

Much of the structure is made of steel with ipe wood floors, but to give it an additional touch of adrenaline there are four glass areas that allow you to see the Mediterranean under your feet.

But thanks to the use of tensioned elements and lateral cables, the structure barely moves.

This bridge is open from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. (and at 7:00 p.m. in winter) and is illuminated at night, to give a distinctive touch to this corner of the Costa Tropical.

However, if someone suffers from vertigo, the infrastructure can be bypassed by an alternative route.

Inland from the coast

The path runs along the cliffs until you see La Joya beach, a mecca for naturism in the region.

At the height of the rock where the Sacratif lighthouse is, the route goes inland, with the sea on one side and the greenhouses of the 'sea of ​​plastic' behind, where the path continues with small ridges through an area of ​​bushes .

At the viewpoint of the Bay you can rest and have more views of the sea, the cliffs and the center of Torrenueva Costa, until you face the last part of the Cañada Vargas area and then return to the town along a rural road.


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