Holidays in Salobreña - Feast of the Virgin Carmen

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From Houses4U we are very happy to announce that this year we will once again be able to enjoy in person all the wonders that El Puerto de Motril offers. We will enjoy both young and old of nautical activities, which will be carried out in relation to the festival of the Virgen del Carmen. All of them are open days so that all those who enjoy a holiday in Salobreña can enjoy this emblematic celebration.

This year the Port of Motril opens its doors again to celebrate the Festival of the Virgen del Carmen

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"The Virgen del Carmen is the patron saint of sailors and the Spanish navy, which as a curious fact for those who do not know, it is a tradition to celebrate the day of the Virgen del Carmen especially in the fishing towns of the Spanish coast, since that according to tradition, the Virgin of Carmen appeared to some fishermen who were lost at sea and thanks to her they were rescued. "

At Houses4U we offer holiday accommodation on the beach in Granada to be able to experience this holiday. With all comfort in our houses for rent on the coast of Granada, where you will find houses with a pool for holidays in Granada.


These days will last 3 days from tomorrow, July 16, the day of the Virgen del Carmen. It will begin with the discovery of a monolith in honor of the Virgen del Carmen .. Seguidamente de Following the imposition of a band as 'captain of the Port of Motril' .At night, the will be a flamenco evening open to the publicin the square next to the passenger terminal, with the performance of cantaor Julio Fajardo, the Duende group and Sara Sánchez, a dancer from the neighborhood who recently premiered her show Óbices at the Calderón theater in Motril.

During Saturday and Sunday all those who are on vacation in Salobreña will be able to enjoy the 5th Regata of the Tropical Coast,which can be enjoyed by all tourists and locals.

As the president of the Port Authority, José García Fuentes, commented in the presentation of these sessions, they will be sessions with participatory activities. Always within the caution and responsibility. Getting back to activity and enjoying a very pleasant weekend in the Granada dock.

Although it is true that for the moment there will be some activities that are still restricted, such as visits to ships, exhibitions of the State Forces; and some activities for the little ones. We are also very happy with this great advance, recovering happiness and normality little by little.

We encourage you to travel and come on vacations to the Tropical Coast,because Granada, Motril and Salobreña are wonderful places. Not only during this weekend, but it is one of the favorite places in Spain to travel this summer and spend the holidays.

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