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We always talk about the good opportunities that travel offers us. Traveling is exciting, and they say that only the previous illusion already generates almost real sensations that produce endorphin for our brain. If we add part of adventure, and vertigo by the unknown, this illusion can increase. Imagine arriving at a place with breathtaking landscapes, virgin beaches, and a breathtaking vastness. That's it, the south. All full of advantages of renting a house for your vacations.

If you are traveling for the first time, finding accommodation on the coast of Granada and renting holiday homes near the beach or renting a holiday home with a private pool will be easy with Houses4u. Choose this destination and you will have the illusion assured. 

If you rent a house for days, in addition to traveling to a destination each time, you can enjoy very different destinations each time. They are all advantages !!

We believe that it is a unique opportunity to discover unknown places and make your vacation something great. Finding rental houses on the Costa Tropical, spending the summer in Salobreña and spending unforgettable days with your closest friends has never been easier. 

We have always thought that not planning is always the best plan. Let yourself be surprised and embark on an adventure. 

That is why, from Houses4u, we want you to come and discover the simplest and most spectacular corners. You will only need a map to guide you and we will provide it for you.

In addition, we are going to leave a list of the advantages of our wonderful houses, so that you cannot resist this ideal plan.


We could say that the first advantage is the desire we have to return to normality as usual. Travel, get together, leave home, take photos, save new memories. If you have a video camera, here is a simple way to edit your short this summer, it will always be a good way to preserve your memories in a happy and healthy way. 

The second most notable advantage, will be to not worry about cleanliness, order, possible inconveniences that may arise, there will always be someone at Houses4u to assist you and provide you with what you need. You will only have to enjoy the rental of your house with a private pool.

Third, we know that even when we are on vacation, we need to have new technologies, which allow us to be just one click away from everything. Therefore, you will have all the tools to be connected 24/7 if you need it. 

Lastly, when you rent a house in such a unique place, , with a private pool, you will have the great opportunity to play sports, get the tan you dreamed of, enjoy excellent cuisine and much more. 

We encourage you to reserve your accommodation on the beach in Granada before everything is complete and there are no offers for rental houses on the Costa Tropical. We know that the regulations to protect the health of visitors and visitors are changing, but everything is for the good of helping to stop this virus together. Be responsible with your actions and take care of those around you, in our actions is the cure.

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