Accommodations on the beach of Granada, how to travel low cost

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The Costa Tropical is one of the best beach destinations in the national territory, with a complete cultural and leisure offer and with very competitive prices. If you are one of those who love to travel but are also careful not to empty the entire piggy bank, here are some tips for traveling at low cost and making the most of your vacation.

Travel to non-crowded destinations

If what you want is to enjoy a vacation on the coast, by the sea, lying on the beach, enjoying nature and without paying extra costs, the Costa Tropical is your option. Catalonia and Guipúzcoa with € 203 and € 235 respectively on average per day, the eastern area with an average of € 135 or Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera all with an average of more than € 260 are coastal destinations much more expensive than the Andalusian Coast, where the average barely exceeds € 86.

Viajar a bajo coste

Also according to Tripadvisor, Granada is the cheapest city in Spain for dinner. If we talk about the price of a dinner for two, Granada is the cheapest city, with an average price of €16, a 40% below the average. One of the cheapest Spanish cities to go on vacation, with average prices between 22% and 15% below the average.

Rent a house

Viajar a bajo coste

If it is true that if you plan to travel alone or with your partner, staying in a house for yourself may not be the best option. But the thrill of traveling is sharing it with the people you love, so if you plan to travel as a family or with your group of friends, renting a house may be the best option. Sharing expenses, organizing breakfasts, lunches and dinners together is a good way to save money.  

Choosing the Costa Tropical is a good alternative for all those who want to travel at low cost. If you want more information about where to stay on the Costa Tropical, do not hesitate to contact uswe will be happy to assist you.

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